Vapour Blast

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In production and work places, hazardous areas can develop wherever flammable substances and oxygen are present in sufficient quantities to form an explosive atmosphere.

Typical hazardous areas form in chemical factories, refineries, enamelling plants, paint workshops, cleaning equipment, mills and stores for milled products and other combustible dusts, in tank facilities and loading areas for flammable gases, liquids and solids.



  • Demonstrate the concepts of explosive materials.
  • Demonstrate how a flammable substance and oxygen (air) can form an explosive atmosphere when present in sufficient quantities.
  • Simulate how combustible materials mixed with air have a lower and an upper explosive limit and the explosive range lies between these limits.


The Vapour Blast is designed for use in demonstrations and instruction sessions. It demonstrates the explosive limits and effects of various concentrations of fuel. Demonstration reactions are achieved by adding a number of drops of volatile, flammable liquids, varying the temperature, and varying the mixing levels.

Once ignited, a short, yet safe, explosion may occur, blowing away the cork from the Vapour Blast with significant force for effect. This exercise provides the trainees with practical  insights into the concepts of explosive materials.


100 ml bottles of acetone, thinner and alcohol

10 drop pipettes

Remote control 4m

Power cable