Thermal Manikin

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Thermal imaging cameras are becoming standard tools within the fire service and law enforcement arsenal. The HAAGEN thermal manikin is a training manikin developed for thermal imaging camera training.



The thermal manikin allows trainers to demonstrate the fundamentals of how thermal imaging cameras work, and also to teach advanced techniques for locating victims in restricted visibility conditions.

  • Place the Thermal Manikin in a smoke filled training structure or darkened room for realistic search and rescue training.
  • Position the Thermal Manikin under furniture or behind household obstructions to challenge your trainees to properly use their thermal imaging cameras as life-saving tools.
  • Built-in power supplies make the manikin ideal for firefighter and law enforcement training exercises involving outdoor, cold weather and wilderness search operations.


The manikin uses embedded heat emitters combined with innovative heat diffusion technology that accurately simulates a person’s thermal signature. The built-in heating unit allows the body temperature to be raised. A thermostat ensures that the manikin remains at the required temperature. The manikin contains built-in power supplies with strong and rechargeable batteries.

The manikin is made of tough material designed to meet the needs of firefighting training. The abrasion resistant body construction allows you to use the thermal manikin virtually anywhere your training requires.