Stage 6 - Handover

Stage 6 – Handover

(RIBA) Stage 6 – Handover is the final stage of the Project Construction phase. We place a great deal of importance on a careful and well-executed delivery program for you as the end-user.

Works include:

  • Third party testing and certification of the installation (optional)
  • Final Acceptance Testing
  • User training sessions for system start-up/operation/troubleshooting
  • “Train the Trainer” sessions, for instructors inputting emergency scenarios into the installations
  • Service Contract Proposal (recommended)

Deliverables of (RIBA) Stage 6:

  • Third Party Test Report (optional)
  • Final Acceptance Certificate
  • As-Built Documentation
  • User Training Certificates
  • Train the Trainer Certificates
  • System User Manuals
  • Service Contract Agreement (recommended)

 User Training will be completed by HAAGEN in (RIBA) Stage 7 – In use.

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