Stage 5 - Construction

Stage 5 – Construction

(RIBA) Stage 5 – Construction is the second stage of the Project Construction phase and consists of the actual manufacturing and building works on and/or off site. Our teams have vast international project management experience in both small and large projects.

To increase project efficiency and drive down costs, we always strive to employ local workforce on site, whenever possible (for construction works, large metal works etc.). This approach also contributes to our international success, by minimizing cultural and language barriers during a project abroad, as much as possible.

Critical components of the HAAGEN installations are always manufactured and tested at our headquarters, in the Netherlands.

Depending on the collaboration type opted for at this stage, HAAGEN can team up as:

  • Main Contractor/Project Leader
  • Subcontractor (Fire Simulators)
  • Consultant/Project Manager

Deliverables of (RIBA) Stage 5:

  • Complete construction/manufacturing, installation and testing of all project components, as detailed in the project scope of works

Final Acceptance Tests will be scheduled by HAAGEN, in consultation with the customer, in (RIBA) Stage 6 – Handover.

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