Stage 3 - Developed Design


Stage 3 – Developed Design

(RIBA) Stage 3 – Developed Design is the final stage of the Consultancy and Design phase of the HAAGEN project approach. Key focuses of this stage are:

  • Finalizing all of the developed drawings
  • Developing a detailed project planning
  • Finalize lists of quantities and issue a detailed project pricing sheet
  • HAZOP study (option)

Deliverables of (RIBA) Stage 3:

  • Detailed 2D & 3D floor plans of buildings/training objects, including safety systems, utility systems, measurements, etc.
  • Individual 2D & 3D renderings of each of the fire points/scenarios
  • Technical documentation related to the 2D & 3D deliverables
  • P&IDs with calculations for average yearly consumption of power, water and gas
  • HAZOP Report (option)
  • Official price calculation for the total project (can be used as binding)

 In the Consultancy and Design phase, several proposals are often prepared and discussed in order to reach a final result that is satisfactory to you as well as HAAGEN. This is also why each and every training project is truly unique and tailored to your specific situation.

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