Stage 1 - Preparation and Brief

Stage 1 – Preparation and Brief

(RIBA) Stage 1 – Preparation and Brief is part of the Consultancy and Design phase of the HAAGEN project approach. In this stage, the strategic definition document set up in Stage 0 will be further developed, to include:

  • Definition of training scenarios required
  • Drafting a global layout/master plan that aligns with your training needs and desired training scenarios, as well as aligning with the recognized training standards and reserved budgets
  • Drafting a preliminary technical brief
  • Develop a detailed training program in collaboration with internationally recognized training institutes
  • Preliminary budget re-evaluation and further definition of project scope of works

Deliverables of (RIBA) Stage 1:

  • Master Plan Layout (sketch drawing)
  • Preliminary Technical Brief Document
  • Preliminary Budget Estimation Document

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