Smoke Generator VICO

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HAAGEN smoke generators are known for withstanding the most demanding firefighter training. Now our range of smoke generators has been expanded to include the cordless, portable VICO smoke generator.

Like the ETNA and VESUVIUS smoke generators, VICO produces thick, dry smoke of high quality without any residue. With a heat-up time of 2 to 4 seconds, the VICO is ready to use at the touch of a button. With the built-in start button in the handle, the VICO can be operated with one hand, even while wearing firefighter gloves.

The VICO produces up to 150 m3 of smoke per minute. The smoke density can be adjusted manually, and the VICO can produce smoke continuously for 20 minutes or much longer when smoke is generated in bursts.

With the optional remote control (wireless or wired) the VICO can be controlled at a distance. A Wi-Fi module also allows the VICO to be controlled from a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

VICO: simple, compact and affordable smoke generator for evacuation training, rescue exercises, hazard recognition and other scenarios with fire simulation.



Cordless: The VICO smoke generator is powered by a battery, which makes it ideal for training at locations where power isn’t available or easily accessible.

Portable: The VICO’s built-in battery gives instructors a simple way to use smoke in vehicles, at outdoor training locations or in hard to reach, confined spaces.

Virtually no heat-up time: The VICO heats smoke fluid to the required temperature within two seconds, which makes this smoke generator good to go at a moment’s notice. The VICO is ready to use at the touch of a button, without lost training time.
The smoke maintains the same high quality from start to finish.

Lightweight: The VICO weighs less than 9 kg, including the smoke fluid, which makes the smoke generator ideal for use with one hand.

Long-lasting battery: This smoke generator can provide 20 minutes of continuous smoke on a single battery charge. When smoke is produced in bursts, the battery life is many times longer.
The battery can easily be swapped on location, so there is no need to interrupt the training.

Wi-Fi remote control: With the built-in Wi-Fi module the VICO can be controlled via a laptop computer, tablet or smartphone. 


1 L, 5 L and 20 L smoke fluid
HAAGEN smoke fluid has been specially developed for the HAAGEN smoke generators and is safer than other smoke fluids available on the market.
During normal use the smoke fluid leaves no residue behind. The water-based smoke fluid produces a very persistent, dense, dry smoke.

Transport case
Case with foam padding for storing the VICO, the charger and one litre of smoke fluid.

Extra battery
Easily removable battery with high power NiMH battery. 

Mains supply
The VICO is optionally available with a power supply unit for continuous operation at 220 V. The mains lead is 2.5 metres long.

Mains lead
Length 2.5 metres.

Wired Remote
Wired remote control for operating the VICO from a distance. Cable length 5 metres.

Wireless remote control
Wireless remote to control the operations of the VICO from a distance.

Smoke guide set
Flexible, 5-metre-long plastic hose with a Ø63 mm connector


Power requirement: 500 W

Heat-up time: 2 seconds

Fluid tank capacity: 0.7 litres

Fluid consumption: 12 ml/minute

Smoke production: 150 m3/minute

Continuous run time: 20 minutes

Weight (filled): 9 kilograms

Dimensions (L x W x H) 332 x 238 x 133 mm

Battery: Rechargeable NiHM battery

Battery charging time: 4.5 hours


Exercises with vehicles
Place the VICO in hidden spaces and vehicles for realistic practice situations with simulated fire or entrapment in vessels and vehicles.

Rescue and evacuation drills with smoke
Fill various rooms with smoke and teach trainees to locate and evacuate victims in poor visibility conditions.

Fill several rooms with smoke (or add extra smoke)
Quickly fill locations with dense smoke for rescue exercises. Easily add extra smoke to additional rooms or floors at any time.

Add realism to maritime and aviation training
Create a no-visibility environment in seconds in which trainees learn what it’s like to wear a mask.

Training in confined spaces and/or areas without power
Create scenarios for firefighter training in areas without electricity, outdoors or at locations where large amounts of smoke are not an option.

Train recognition and response to potential danger
Simulate a hazardous or emergency situation and teach trainees to recognise danger and how to respond in specific situations.