Process Step 6


Service and maintenance

After you start using your Custom Build training system, you can of course continue to call on us whenever necessary. We offer our clients access to a telephone helpdesk. In most cases, our helpdesk consultants can “get a look at your system” by going online using the system software, thereby remotely diagnosing your situation. We are able to schedule a service engineer to visit your site and, in the meantime can continue to assist you online in an effort to resolve any problems.

HAAGEN has an international network of service engineers available to you. These specialists are well-trained in all the disciplines needed to properly maintain your installation and, when necessary, provide system fixes. In other words, you will not be visited by a series of different engineers to carry out different activities related to the supply of gas or electricity or mechanical engineering issues. Instead, our service engineers are qualified in all these areas and can service and, when necessary, repair your installation from the smallest components to the largest training units.