Process Step 1


The HAAGEN Custom Build Division is a separate project-based organization within the overall HAAGEN team. It delivers unique, tailor-made solutions by bringing together experts from across professional disciplines with a variety of skills, and focusing them on a single project goal. HAAGEN’s project-based approach follows a fixed process divided into several phases. This ensures the quality of the end result while at the same time providing enough flexibility to allow for the implementation of changes, even during the course of the project, thus improving the final result.

STEP 1: Preparing a list of wishes and requirements

Our consultants meet with you to prepare a list of your wishes and requirements. The actual instructors and end-users may also take part in this discussion.

Items covered include:

  • your learning goals;
  • the scenarios you wish to train on;
  • local needs assessment;
  • your specific working conditions;
  • the number of users who will use the training facility;
  • the location;
  • your wishes with regard to operating the facility;
  • the budget.