Class A Fire Technology

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HAAGEN Class A Fire Technology features dual combustion technology with the fire created by both gas and wood. PHASE® 2 technology was developed to allow firefighters to utilize real burning wood in their training scenarios without worrying about the environmental effects.

Our PHASE 2 technology is a two part system that allows you to burn class A material and subsequently clean the smoke and hydrocarbon filled air. After an evolution has finished, smoke is captured in a chamber through ventilation and is burned a second time with propane gas, resulting in air that is 99.5% clean at the end. This technology allows organizations to meet clean air requirements while conducting effective and highly repeatable training.

The dual-fuel burner is capable of igniting up to 45kg of class A material using propane or natural gas. This system allows trainees to completely extinguish the fire and reignite it almost immediately for countless evolutions, decreasing downtime and maximizing training.

For firefighters, heat and smoke are the real enemies. To be properly prepared to face these challenges, training with wood-fueled fire is critical.  Burning wood gives off real heat and heavy smoke that most realistically simulates an actual fire incident. PHASE 2 fire technology by HAAGEN is the perfect solution for instructors looking to provide realistic yet environmentally friendly training evolutions.


The PHASE 2 features integrated propane burners which ignite the wood-based props to quickly create intense fire scenarios. The instructor can operate the gas module and ignite the wood in the chamber from a distance. Built-in shielding protects the propane burner components from the Class A debris throughout the evolution.

Once the fire has been extinguished, it can be lit again immediately – without having to load more wood into the burner. Although the wood remains wet after being extinguished, the gas flames and unique chamber design quickly dries and reignites the wood for the next training session.

Intense heat is generated and heavy smoke banks down as the neutral plane moves towards the floor. Using the hand-held controller, the instructor can adjust the amount of ventilation and control the amount of smoke bank-down. Baffles at the floor and the ceiling can be quickly adjusted to achieve the desired smoke conditions.

Excess smoke is drawn through the baffles into the ventilation system and is scrubbed by the Afterburner system. Advanced controls precisely control the combustion of the black smoke in the Afterburner to produce emissions free exhaust. Clean air is the only by-product, enabling real wood training with heavy black smoke with commercial or even residential settings nearby.

Built-in water suppression systems and smart controls keep firefighters safe, even in the toughest training conditions. When the E-Stop is pressed the Class A fire is extinguished and the smoke is cleared automatically for safer training. The fire prop is equipped with a water-drench system and is supplied with a high-volume water line for rapid fire suppression. The ventilation automatically adjusts to 100% capacity to quickly clear the smoke.


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  • United Kingdom: South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue
  • France: SDIS 95 – Val d’Oise
  • Swiss: Ville de Genève


Our Training Structures and Centers product line includes portable stand-alone fire props and larger mobile trailers, semi-trailers and modified training containers. HAAGEN also has extensive experience in the development of full-scale fixed training facilities including fire training towers, training ships, aircraft simulators, industrial complexes and multi-structure training sites. HAAGEN has become the world leader in the design and development of multidisciplinary fire training campuses and can work with clients every step of the way from concept to planning to construction.

104x104-Construction Type-complexComplex

HAAGEN is the world leader in designing, engineering and building large scale multi-disciplinary training complexes.  Our Training Complexes often combine a range of fire technologies that apply to the full range of training disciplines. Complexes can be designed to simulate neighborhoods, communities, cities, airports, industrial complexes or any other multi-building center.


104x104-Construction Type-facilityFacility/Fixed

HAAGEN training facilities include multi-story training towers, fixed petro-chemical structures and a wide range of other buildings that are ideal for interior and exterior fire training.  Train your department in a HAAGEN Facility under live-fire conditions to better prepare first responders to protect lives and property.


104x104-Construction Type-containersContainer/Roll-Off

HAAGEN Training Containers and Roll-offs are a great solution for departments with large-scale training needs and limited space. Containers are portable, but offer all of the training capabilities that a fixed space provides.  Intricate training environments can be configured with multiple containers. Incorporate any combination of fire technology and fire training props into your containers to meet your unique training needs.


Fire Behavior Training Systems
While many firefighters glean the majority of their fire behavior knowledge from classroom instruction, hands-on training is the most effective method of learning when it comes to confronting dangerous fire emergencies face to face. To add a hands-on element to your training, HAAGEN creates training systems and centers to provide realistic training in a safe environment.

104x104-marine-firefighter-training-1Marine Fire Training

Marine fires are extremely difficult to handle because of the complexity of a ship’s layout, making it difficult to safely access the seat of the fire. HAAGEN has experience designing and developing diverse marine fire training systems. HAAGEN can produce simulated marine environments within a training structure, or produce actual marine vessels modified for fire training scenarios.



Firefighters and first responders in the mining industry face unique changing when preparing to face fire risks. To make training as realistic as possible, HAAGEN is capable of incorporating our fire training props into modified mining shafts or modify props to fit your mine’s specific objectives.



HAAGEN is capable of supplying all the necessary training tools and structures for your structural fire departments. HAAGEN provides the tools necessary to train both new and advanced firefighters on sizing up structures, initial fire attack, fire behavior, ventilation, water supply, hose stream application, search and rescue, firefighter survival, and FAST.



Expose your firefighters to the unique challenges of fighting fires in a public transportation setting, or in vehicles themselves. Choose from our past portfolio of transportation training tools, or work with HAAGEN to create a training tool to fit your specific objective.