Modular Fire Training Props

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HAAGEN’s Advanced Fire Training Systems are designed to provide realistic live fire training suited to your specific needs. By providing an array of interchangeable props that range from a small scale paint locker, stove fire or dumpster fire to an aircraft wing or helicopter, we can help you meet you training goal, whatever it may be. All of our full-intensity training equipment is operated using the universal Pilot Module, meaning that you can easily customize and add to your selection of training props without excessive costs.

HAAGEN Modular Fire Training Props allow you to cost-effectively create additional scenarios to meet your specific training objectives.

These interchangeable props offer full intensity training scenarios with interactive features such as a functional burner valve on the Stove Fire Training Prop and operational lid on the Dustbin Fire Training Prop.


Key to the entire HAAGEN Advanced Fire Training System is the stainless steel Pilot Module, which houses the forced air pilot system as well as the control valves used to operate multiple burn zones. This unit connects directly to the full line of stand-alone training props, including the Pressure Vessel, Stove Fire, Helicopter, Barbeque, Paint Locker, Flange, Gas Meter, Electrical Motor, Dumpster and Fuel Spill Fire Training Prop. This industrial-grade, forced-air pilot guarantees reliable ignition, even under the most demanding circumstances.

HAAGEN’s Advanced Fire Training Systems are based on a robust, rugged, component-based live fire training platform that offers an array of interchangeable props. Regardless of the prop, the system is controlled by a universal Pilot Module, which serves as the brain of the system, and a Console. Depending on the prop, a Burner Tray component is added to create additional burn zones and more intense flames, or can be used in conjunction with the Pilot Module as a standalone training tool.