Jumbo Fire Trainer

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550KW and Smart Controls for Enhanced Fire Training

Challenge your trainees to fight the Jumbo Fire Training System with extinguishers or hose lines for full scale hands-on training. With an output of 550KW your trainees feel the heat and learn how to respond. Smart Controls shut down the propane and auto-ignition only if the fire is knocked out completely.

The Jumbo is a fire training system designed to handle the requirements of advanced fire extinguisher and hose line training. Reinforced construction and rugged components mean you can run evolution after evolution and hit Jumbo with virtually anything in your firefighting arsenal for intense hands-on training. Built-in wheels and easy set up allow you to quickly create challenging training scenarios.


The Jumbo Fire Training System has two flame settings: dual burners allow the selection between  pressurised vapour fires and liquid surface fires. Pressurised vapour fires are created by direct ignition of propane and liquid surfaces fires are created with water bath burners.


Stainless steel props can be used with Jumbo to simulate different fire scenarios. Props available include a flatscreen, an electric motor and a dustbin.


  • Fire extinguisher training.
  • Hose lines training.
  • Simulate different fire scenarios with our props.



Prop plate

This prop mounting accessory can be placed directly on the fire trainer Jumbo allowing various fire training props to be used. The prop plate is a sturdy stand with four attachment points that fit above the centre flame module.

Fire training props:

  • Dustbin: simulates a fire that commonly occurs both at home and at the workplace.
  • Electric cabinet: simulates a fire in a meter cupboard or a similar fire in electrical equipment.
  • Electric motor: simulates the seat of a fire in a piece of machinery, caused by an overload or a, short circuit.
  • Flatscreen: realistically simulates a computer screen or television set on fire.
  • Stovetop: demonstrate the dangers of chip pan fires and the procedures to follow if you experience a chip pan fire.