Fire Trainer

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Compact with Smart Controls for Effectively Fire Training

The Fire Trainer is ideal for realistically simulating burning liquids along with other types of fire. This innovative fire simulator allows you to effectively train with small fire extinguishers. The burn unit is filled with water to simulate a burning liquids fire.

The Fire Trainer is also multi-functional. With the aid of the optional stainless steel grid, various fire props can be used allowing you to recreate realistic fire situations. The Fire Trainer comes with a wired remote control for easy and safe ignition.



  • Safe training.
  • Realistic fire extinguisher training.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Ignition by a push on the button.
Oefen met de Fire Trainer het blussen van een vloeistofbrand,met echt vuur, echte hitte en echte vloeistof.Train het blussen van een vloeistofbrand - Fire Trainer van HAAGEN


The Fire Trainer has been developed to practise and train with the use of small fire extinguishers and water hoses to extinguish a simulated liquid fire.

The Fire Trainer uses propane gas. The gas is led through a magnetic barrier to the pilot burner. The fire trainer is ignited by means of an electric spark-ignition. Service is effectuated with just one button, controling both magnetic barrier as ignition.

The Fire Trainer can be used inside a room. It is recommended, however, to use the Fire Trainer in an open air environment. (When using the Fire Trainer inside a room, one has to make sure, that there is sufficient ventilation available.)


Fire Trainer Grid

Stainless steel grid for placing objects on the Fire Trainer.