Fire Manikin

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The fire manikin allows you to train how to quickly react to burning victims.



  • Practice knock down drills, using fire blankets, or using safely using portable fire extinguishers when responding to a person on fire.
  • Ideal for fire safety awareness training. The fire manikin can be used to demonstrate to children, adults, and senior citizens the hazards associated with wearing loose and flammable clothing when near an open flame.
  • Ideal for student instruction and or participation. Can be demonstrated in the standing or laying positions.


The manikin is made of a flame resistant, non-ceramic and asbestos-free material. Used with HAAGEN’s proprietary fire gel, the fire manikin is a powerful tool for  demonstrating the dangers of combustible clothing, or for conducting hands-on training in the use of fire extinguishers or fire blankets. The fire manikin is robust enough to withstand over 1,000 training evolutions, is water repellent, strengthened at the ends of the arms and legs.

Height: 180 cm. Available in a junior (10 kg) and 20 kg version.





The stainless stand allows you to train with the fire manikin in either an upright or prone position. Its special design also allows for knock-down training exercises so students can effectively learn the appropriate responses.

Fire gel

Used with HAAGEN’s unique fire gel concept, the fire manikin can provide over 1,000 training evolutions.


The heat protecting shield protects your fire manikin and ensures a longer life span.