Explo Trainer

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The Explo Trainer uses GasSource emitters and sensor technology to simulate chemical and explosive gas emission sources. The rugged handheld meter reads the electronic emissions of four different “gases”, with customizable alarm levels and intensity settings.

The Explo Trainer allows for comprehensive gas monitoring and response training for both fire service professionals and safety personnel. Simulated gas sources can be set up in work areas, chemical storage facilities, and near HVAC equipment where HazMat dangers can actually exist. Students can be trained how different gases behave, how to locate emission sources, and how to establish safety perimeters in the event of a hazard situation.


The Explo Trainer package includes three different GasSource emitters with high and low strength settings to create a variety of training scenarios. The package comes with a student gas meter, as well as an instructor unit that allows the trainer to observe what the student unit is doing. Using the hand held instructor unit, a trainer can set alarm levels, adjust the gas being monitored and even manually increase or decrease gas readings to provide additional training challenges.

A detachable metering wand allows students to train on metering confined spaces and locating point source emissions. A rugged carrying case and recharge accessories provide everything you need to start your training.

Sizzling Gas Bottle

This propane cylinder prop can be used to create simulated gas leak emergencies. The gas bottle contains integrated electronics that creates realistic gas leak sounds when the valve is opened.


A few drops produce a strong odour of leaking propane or natural gas for creating realistic hazard emergency response drills.


Simulate hazards on vehicles, chemical tanks and storage facilities and provide additional challenges during your Haz-Mat training exercises. The kit includes a complete set of magnetic Hazardous Materials placards, an UN-identification number sign and a NFPA hazard diamond.

Colour Liquids

Recreate a realistic hazardous chemical spill with the Coloured Liquids Kit. The kit includes four primary colour dyes.