Dust Blast

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The dust blast is designed to demonstrate the hazards of dust explosions. When dust particles become aerated at the base of a fire and oxygen is added to the mix, a high-velocity explosive combustion can occur. Preventing this kind of dust explosion requires special fire-fighting strategies.


  • Demonstrate the hazard of dust explosions.
  • Demonstrate how a material that is not generally flammable suddenly becomes combustible when it is airborne in tiny droplets or particles.
  • Use different types of powders to simulate different kind of dust explosions and show why one powder is so much more combustible compared to another.
  • Show your trainees what conditions are necessary for combustion.
  • Teach trainees the danger of combustion in everyday life.


The Dust Blast graphically illustrates dust explosions to trainees before they get into the field. Simulations may be carried out with different types of powders. The built-in air compressor forces air into the combustion chamber and aerates the powder mix. The demonstration explosion is  detonated by electronic ignition.


Dust Blast supplies set:

  • 100x cover sheets
  • 200g Dust Blast Powder
  • 1x measuring spoon 1 ml.

Suitable for approximately 100 explosions.