Desktop Flashover

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The Desktop Flashover has been specifically developed to produce realistic classroom demonstrations of the dangers and the energy released by a backdraft or flashover fire.



  • Teach LEL and UEL thresholds by controlling the built-in electronic ignition.
  • Demonstrate how an explosion occurs when the LEL is reached and simulate a flashover.
  • Simulate a backdraft effect by demonstrating an upper explosive limit whereby air enters the mixture.
  • Simulate a slow burning low-energy explosion when the gas concentration is approaching the UEL.
  • Simulate a rapid high-energy explosion when the gas is between the LEL and UEL.
  • Simulate the visual components of a flashover, backdraft or rollover by adding smoke to the environment.




Using the controllable gas supply and internal ventilation system, it is possible to simulate a variety of air and gas mixtures to create environments that are within, below or above explosive limits.

The fire is ignited electronically. The progress of the seat of the fire can be viewed through the windows. The Desktop Flashover provides a powerful visual aid for teaching trainees.

The Desktop Flashover offers the possibility to demonstrate the different stages of flue gas combustion on a small, simplified scale. Whether you want to demonstrate a fire spill over, a flashover or backdraft, everything is possible with this Desktop Flashover.


Flash Smoke Liquid
Smoke liquid for Desktop Flashover
1 liter bottle.