Control Technologies (SCADA)

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A SCADA system can be used to observe all of the critical elements and processes within the training installation. SCADA stands for “Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition”. This system allows the instructor to visualize and record everything that happens throughout the training scenario with the help of digital drawings, displays, and reports. HAAGEN Fire Training Systems uses SCADA systems that also allow the instructors to visualize the training process.

Using the simulation system, instructors can easily enter new scenarios or modify existing scenarios which they have created beforehand. For example, when and where fires start within the training building, the intensity of the fires, and how the fires can potentially spread, can all be programmed and adjusted. Additional variables such as temperature, burn time, and flame height can also be set. The system automatically ensures that all dynamic elements are within the acceptable safety thresholds. Using the simulation system, it is easy to create virtually any training scenario.

As always, however, the system must reflect the training requirements that are important to a given organisation. In our vision, a single standard software program is not the best option. Instead, the specific training philosophy of the customer must be incorporated into all control programs which is why HAAGEN can work directly with the client to customise the right system every time.