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The BullsEye system is the most innovative fire training tool on the market. The BullsEye utilises digital flames to simulate class A, B and E fires. It senses where the user aims and sweeps the laser training extinguisher and automatically varies the LED-driven digital flames in response.

The BullsEye system can recognize which type of extinguisher a trainee is using, and will only respond to the trainee’s actions if they have chosen correctly. Also, the trainee must put the correct distance between themselves and the fire for the panel to respond. These added features make fire extinguisher training more realistic and effective than ever before, resulting in trainees who are well prepared to face incipient stage fires.

Training can now take place completely indoors — from the training room to the production floor.



  • Allows training to take place entirely indoors, in the actual work environment.
  • Integrated sound effects.
  • Integrated smoke generation.
  • WiFi.
  • Wireless remote control.
  • Extinguisher type recognition.
  • Extinguisher distance sensing.
  • Training record collection making it easy to monitor improvement and proficiency.


The BullsEye extinguisher uses a conical laser to replicate discharge rather than depending on dry-chemical or CO2 extinguisher. For training variation, the BullsEye system can also be used with the air/water SmartExtinguisher.

Relies on LED driven digital flames and a laser extinguisher provide a completely safe training experience.

Provides an engaging training experience. Hundreds of trainees can be trained in a single day without recharging any extinguishers.

300x226_BullsEye2_roundedcornerBullsEye extinguishers have sound effects, a timed discharge and are weighted accordingly (2kg or 6kg.) to closely simulate dry-chemical or CO2 extinguishers.



Integrated sound effects
Now, both the BullsEye’s flames and laser extinguishers feature realistic sound effects. Trainees can listen to the fire’s sounds to recognize the class of fire. Sound also add to the urgency of the situation.

Integrated smoke generation
Add even more realism to your fire extinguisher training with integrated smoke. The BullsEye communicates with any HAAGEN Smoke Generator to produce a realistic
amount of training smoke based on the size of the fire.

The BullsEye 2.0 is WIFI enabled for use with the VICO portable smoke generator.
The VICO and BullsEye work together seamlessly to create a realistic fire
environment. The VICO will produce smoke relative to the size and class of fire

Wireless remote control
The wireless remote controls the class and difficulty of the fire. Smoke production,
flame flare up, and volume settings can also be controlled manually if desired.
The remote provides an easy way to start and stop training evolutions.

Extinguisher type recognition
The BullsEye recognizes which type of extinguisher the trainee is using (class A, B, E).
If the trainee is using the wrong extinguisher, the flames will not be extinguished. For
example, students who use a CO2 extinguisher on a class A fire will knock down the
flames, but will not extinguish the fire, and must evacuate.

Extinguisher distance sensing
The BullsEye can sense how far away the trainee‘s extinguisher is from the system,
and will respond properly – training students to keep a safe distance from the fire,
but remain close for optimal effectiveness.

Training record collection
Managing training data is easy with the BullsEye. The system can now keep records
of training data for multiple trainees. The system will record trainee name, date of
training, time of extinguishment, class of fire and extinguisher type used, and more.
Records can be exported to a USB to be saved or to create training certificates.


BullsEye Laser Extinguishers
Laser-driven extinguisher which simulates a CO2 or dry-chemical extinguisher, available in 2,5kg/2.5L, 6kg/6L, 9kg/9L.

SmartExtinguisher Training Extinguishers
Available in 5x (five discharges) and 7x (seven discharges) sizes with pressure gauge and Schrader recharge value.

VICO portable smoke generator
The new BullsEye is compatible with the WiFi portable smoke geneator VICO.

Wireless remote
Waterproof wireless remote control.

Tablet controller
With the optional tablet control, instructors can specify fire class, effective extinguishers and distance, difficulty and time limit.

Training software package
Training record management software package that allows you to upload and download training records, print training results, etc.

BullsEye Transport Case
Industrial-grade, high-impact plastic transport case to transport BullsEye unit to various training sites.

Extinguisher Transport Case
Foam-lined industrial grade carrying case for two extinguishers (any combination of 5 and 7x SmartExtinguishers).