ATTACK Digital Training System

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The Attack Digital Fire Training System combines digital flames, sound and smoke to create a range of fire conditions that respond directly to water from hose lines. Train with a source of fire in acquired structures,
training buildings or any other location where live fire isn’t possible or practical.

The Attack was developed in conjunction with various fire service instructors who had two problems to solve: The first was the need to create the source of a fire in acquired structures and old burn buildings where live-fire was not an option or where they want to move the seat of fire for more varied training exercises. The second was to have a good way to create realistic fire conditions for training exercises such as Positive Pressure Ventilation; where the presence of fire is an important element, but fire suppression isn’t the primary objective.

The Attack was developed specifically to meet these needs, and instructor feedback was instrumental in the system’s design. The system is tough enough to handle any hose line in your training arsenal. It enables instructors to run repeatable and variable training evolutions with a push of a button.

With the Attack your training is complete when each firefighter has learned the skill, not when the fire is out of fuel.



  • Create basic or intense fire scenarios that travel where live fire isn’t possible.
  • Use the Attack to train on fundamentals so you can make the most of live-fire burns.
  • Introduce new firefighters to fire and smoke conditions in a safe environment.
  • Change the location and characteristics of the fire between evolutions and prevent training from becoming too predictable.
  • Simulate fire conditions where getting water on the fire isn’t the primary objective but the size and location of the fire is still an important element. Add more realism to training exercises such as Positive Pressure Ventilation and Search and Rescue. Challenge trainees to maintain situational awareness, identify the location of the fire and if not extinguish, confine the fire while other critical operations take place.


The portable panel includes a weighted base consisting of a refillable tank that holds 180 liters of water to keep the panel stable and upright during your most intense training scenarios. The panel comes complete with a carrying strap for portability or can be wall-mounted in your facility (extra brackets are required).

Realistic Fire Growth
Fire growth and smoke conditions are based on fire research data provided by nationally recognised labs. Smoke output is linked to the size of the fire, time since ignition and steam expected. Once the fire is started it will grow and extend to additional panels whilst producing realistic volumes of smoke.

Hose Line Detection
The waterproof panel’s integrated thermal sensors detect water application and the fire and smoke respond automatically. When water is applied directly to the source of the fire, Steam Conversion Technology™ recreates the low visibility conditions present when water is first applied to an actual fire.

Remote Control
The system includes a wireless remote that is used to start and stop evolutions with the push of a button. Choose the class of fire and difficulty level, as well as audio and smoke bursts. The waterproof Industrial Remote is designed for use with gloved hands and can be clipped to turnout gear or clothing for easy access.

Fire Extension
The Attack system starts with a single fire panel. Multiple panels can be wirelessly
300x226-rounded-corner-attack-digital-systemconnected to create fire extension scenarios. Create scenarios where fire has
extended into adjacent rooms or to the floor above. Connect an unlimited number of panels together and customise the fire conditions to meet your specific objectives.

Integrated Smoke Generation
The Attack is available with the Etna Smoke Generator capable of producing over 450 m3 of smoke per minute. The Etna is housed in a water and shock resistant case which also houses a GFCI power supply and a repeater station to extend the range of add-on panels and the Industrial Remote.


Industrial Remote
This waterproof remote allows the instructor to be present during the evolution without worrying about damaging the controls.

Wall Mounting Brackets
Affix the Attack panel to any wall in your training facility.

Smoke Generator Case
Protect the smoke generator from water while training.

Transport Case for ATTACK Digital Panel
Store the panel in a this case for safe and easy transport.

Transport Case for Weighted Base
Keep the weighted base in this case when not in use.


Expand your training opportunities to new levels by using the Attack in conjunction with The Digital Nozzle and Weighted Hose Line.

The Digital Nozzle and Weighted Hose Line allows you to conduct training evolutions where flowing water isn’t possible. Conduct training in acquired structures, high-risk buildings, and anywhere else you’d like to simulate a fire  attack without compromising the building.

Digital Nozzles are made using actual fire hose nozzles. The nozzles are equipped with infrared lasers, which interact with the Attack’s self generating digital flames. When in laser mode, the Attack’s fire will only be knocked down if the trainee uses proper hose line technique.



  • 300x226-rounded-corner-haagen-digital-nozzle-3Train in hospitals, schools, nursing homes, large manufacturing sites, or any other place where flowing water isn’t permitted. Bring your firefighters to the very places they are tasked with protecting.
  • Spend more time training and less time setting up, stretching and repacking hose.
  • Flow water in acquired structures without the prep time that live burns require and without damaging the structure.
  • Train on hose line advancement without taking an engine out of service.
  • Prepare your firefighters for a wide range of emergency situations by exposing them to an infinite number of training sites. Challenge veteran firefighters who have your training tower memorized.
  • Focus on fundamentals by teaching new trainees the fundamentals of hand line
    advancement technique before moving on to flowing water and live flames.