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Project Approach

The HAAGEN Custom Build promise is to design fire training solutions that help deliver the educational outcomes set out in your training curriculum. To achieve that, we set out a process that begins long before the factual engineering stage of fire training equipment.

Our involvement in your project begins as early as the research and definition stage. Our Solution Architects help define your training goals and align them against the applicable training curricula and certification requirements relevant to your industry and location.

Once a thorough inventory of the training goals is completed, our experts hold meetings with key stakeholders within your organization, to define the details of the emergency scenarios that would work best.

With the emergency scenarios drafted, our Solution Architects then elaborate technical solutions that can simulate fire emergencies that are realistic, challenging and safe at the same time.

Our project approach follows the RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) plan of work, an eight stage process which organizes the briefing, designing, constructing, maintaining, operating and using of projects into a number of key stages, as described below.

Stages 0 to 3 consist of Consultancy and Design, stages 4 to 6 are Project Construction related and, finally, stage 7 defines Service provisions and processes.