Firefighters need to know the proper applications and, most importantly, the limits of Positive Pressure Ventilation (PPV) as an emergency response strategy. With the correct techniques, PPV can enhance the safety of both first responders and civilians at the scene. HAAGEN’s PPV Trainer takes theoretical learning to a hands-on,  practical level that can allow trainees to fully understand this critical firefighting tactic.



Challenge trainees in the use of correct basement ventilation procedures.

1st Floor
Practice ventilation with the help of big openings such as garage doors.

2nd Floor
Simulate ventilation training on a floor with many small rooms giving out onto one large corridor.

3rd Floor
Small rooms and windows allow for another setup and ventilation training on this floor.

False Ceiling
Educate students on the challenges of ventilating structures with drop ceilings and cocklofts.

Flat Roof
Simulate ventilation via ventilation holes in the roof.

Top Floor
Practice staircase ventilation on this roof model. Windows and extra ventilation holes also allow natural/wind ventilation



  • Challenge trainees to use positive pressure ventilation to quickly clear a smoke-filled structure.
  • Show trainees how to open and close windows, doors and vents for optimal results.
  • Educate on proper fan positioning and the use of multiple fans for large openings.
  • Demonstrate the advantages and limitations of both negative and positive pressure ventilation.
  • Combine the PPV Trainer with the HAAGEN Desktop Flashover to demonstrate the dangers of flashover and backdraft when ventilating.