Product News: Introducing the revolutionary FlashFire™ training system for intense fire scenarios

As the most recent addition to our range of training systems, HAAGEN introduces the FlashFire™ system. With the goal to simulate the most intense fire scenarios, this new system provides  practical and indispensable training in recognising the characteristics of backdrafts, flashovers and gas explosions

The need for training in complex fire scenarios
The risks are huge in emergency situations and it is often difficult to predict what will happen. This unpredictability makes it necessary to teach students how to act quickly and correctly in emergency situations. The FlashFire™ system therefore addresses hazardous aspects that can be an issue in various fire scenarios.

Benefits and possibilities
This revolutionary system ensures that rescue workers are emphatically aware of the risks, recognising the signs and considerations that may occur in emergency situations that they may find themselves  in. The training our FlashFire™ system provides is revolutionary in the way various scenarios can be simulated and trained, without any risk to the student.

The HAAGEN FlashFire™ training system:

  • Provides a new, very practical way of training
  • Develops an awareness amongst workers, without risks to participants
  • Trains students in recognising signs of a fire hazard
  • Trains students in the techniques to be used to reduce risks
  • Demonstrates the various outcomes of an emergency
  • Demonstrates the events leading up to flash-overs, backdrafts and gas explosions

Learn more about the FlashFire™ Training System
Get to know the FlashFire™ system through our sales department or our special website page. Here you will find information on features, advantages, possible techniques and applications of this new product.

Check out the footage and comprehensive information about the FlashFire™ system

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