New Training Centre for Melbourne’s Metropolitan Fire Brigade

HAAGEN has been selected as the fire training design expert for the Melbourne’s  Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB) (Victoria, Australia) new state-of-the-art training centre.

‘Centre of Excellence’ 

The Metropolitan Fire and Emergency Services  Board (MFESB) recognised the need for a purpose built, contemporary  ‘Centre of Excellence’ for the training and development of its operational workforce. The new centre will  provide a range of emergency response and management learning environments tailored to Melbourne’s urban environment.

The facility comprises an academic building for traditional classroom based training as well as a number of unique purpose built structures that support fire, specialist rescue, safety and other forms of hands-on emergency management training. As a State Government asset, the facility will also be an important training resource for other Emergency Service Organisations, supporting agency interoperability and the shift towards an all-hazards all-agencies approach to emergency management in Victoria.

Leading role for HAAGEN

HAAGEN is working with the MFB and is currently engineering and developing the first of 61 pieces of fire training equipment required for the facility.  Frank Jansen, Custom Build Manager at HAAGEN: “We are thrilled that HAAGEN was selected as the fire training design expert for this project. We have dedicated HAAGEN personnel on site in Melbourne to work on the master plan for the project. This will be the largest training centre of its type in Australasia and this exciting new facility will provide firefighters and emergency services personnel with some of the  best training facilities in Australia.”

Wide range of tactical and training scenarios

Operational in 2014, the facility will better enable the MFB and other Emergency Services Organisations to deal with increasingly complex scenarios. A 3.5 hectare practical learning environment featuring  purpose built training areas that simulate Melbourne’s complex urban landscape, including:

  • A residential area will simulate typical Melbourne suburban homes, containing in total 6 fire scenarios. A petrol station will be used to simulate LPG-tank, dumpster and automotive workshop fires.  A high rise building represents a typical Melbourne city building with multiple fire scenarios incorporated on each level.
  • An industrial zone with a petro-chemical plant will replicate facilities found in Melbourne’s industrial areas and will simulate fires involving hazardous materials. Here, foam training will also be incorporated as well as low and high angle rescue.
  • A transport zone will simulate emergency scenarios requiring inter-agency response. Scenarios simulated here will include train and tunnel fires, train and train stop incidents and road accidents.
  • A marine environment will provide training for fighting both dock and shipboard fires. A broad selection of fire simulators, combined with vessel realism, allow for fire suppression, damage control and search & rescue training.

Watch the MFB fly through or visit the MFB website for more information.