New National Safety Experience Centre

HAAGEN is the proud sponsor of PIT Expo in Almere, the Netherlands. This new national exhibition and experience centre shows visitors everything they need to know about how fire services, police, ambulance and other emergency services are keeping our community safe.

HAAGEN developed and installed various digital simulated fires for their main attraction: a small house with smoke, sound effects and digital flames to create an intense fire emergency.

On the 12th of April, Professor Pieter van Vollenhoven (husband of Princess Margriet of the Netherlands and a professional involved in the field of safety assurance) has officially opened the PIT Safety Experience Centre.

Kichen Fire – SmartProps

The main attraction at PIT is a small house with a growing kitchen fire scenario. Designed to resemble a real home kitchen, this setting uses smoke, sound effects and digital flames to create an intense fire emergency. People of any age need to respond correctly in this hands-on emergency response scenario and try to extinguish the fire. The digital fire extinguisher training system uses digital flame and sensor technology built into SmartProps for realism.

How it Works

The SmartProps use hundreds of LEDs and an on-board control system to dynamically generate digital flames. Depending on the trainees attempt to extinguish the simulated fire, the flames will grow, diminish and respond. SmartProps can sense the location of the person, if the person has properly aimed the training extinguisher and if the person is properly sweeping the nozzle of the extinguisher.
At PIT the fire starts with an oven fire, which spreads to the stovetop and to the kitchen hood. Finally, because of the intensified heat the dustbin ignites. Smoke from an integrated HAAGEN smoke generator and sound effects intensify the realism of this kitchen fire scenario and recreates the stress of an actual fire.

Window Fire – the Attack™

On the exterior of the house, a window fire is simulated by 4 digital Attack panels. These 4 panels create a larger seat of fire. This fire is part of one of the many interactive PIT games; the goal of this installation is to extinguish the fire within 20 seconds. However, playing this game using a real hoseline with an integrated laser nozzle challenges people and helps them to be better prepared for real fire situations.

Specifications Fire House

The Fire House at PIT contains the following realistic simulated fires:

  • Fire in dustbin with smoke
  • Fire in oven
  • Fire in stovetop with smoke
  • Fire in extractor fan
  • Uncontrollable window fire

The Fire House at PIT Experience Centre offers the organisation a powerful tool and provides a high impact message which is the objective of PIT; making the Netherlands a safer country to live in by creating realistic awareness and training for children and adults in handling every day fire risks.