ISFSI and BULLEX/HAAGEN partnership heats up at 2016 FDIC International

ISFSI and BULLEX/HAAGEN partnership heats up at 2016 FDIC International

HAAGEN and BullEx, divisions of the Lion Training Resources group, together with the International Society of Fire Service Instructors (ISFSI) and other leading manufacturers in the fire service, are creating a once-in-a-lifetime training opportunity at this year’s FDIC International (Fire Department Instructors Conference) in Indianapolis, IN. As more than 30,000 firefighters from across the globe descend on Indianapolis, HAAGEN/BullEx and ISFSI will lead an innovative hands-on training course at FDIC’s annual event dubbed “the HEAT” which centers on Principles of Modern Fire Attack.

Arguably the hottest topic in the fire service industry, “Principles of Modern Fire Attack” highlights the shift in modern fire dynamics and teaches life-saving changes to fire service response techniques.

“Research shows that as the methods and materials used to build and furnish homes has changed over time, so has the impact on how they burn. In the 1970’s, a typical residential living room would become fully engulfed in flames in about 30 minutes. The average room in a modern home can become fully engulfed in five minutes or less. With this new knowledge, we need to change how we attack a fire because our lives, and the lives of the people we are sent to rescue, depend on it”, says Steve Pegram, ISFSI President.

Together, HAAGEN and BullEx are the leading manufacturers of firefighter training equipment. They have created a special Class A Fire Training System that was designed and constructed at HAAGEN in The Netherlands. It is slated to debut at the Heat. This system features the organizations’ signature Smart Class A technology that lets the instructors control and manage fire flowpaths to replicate environments that firefighters often see during modern residential fires.

“We are excited to partner with ISFSI and other vendors to raise awareness about the Principles of Modern Fire Attack. Our sole purpose is to use technology to make fire safety training safer and more effective. We believe our Smart Class A technology easily recreates the fire behavior seen in newer homes and allows instructors to change those conditions on the spot, like switching from a fuel limited to a ventilation limited fire within the same training session”, says Leon Timmermans, President of HAAGEN and BullEx.

Among the ISFSI instructors are Peter Van Dorpe, who was recently named 2016 FDIC Instructor of the Year and Eddie Buchanan, who was named Instructor of the Year in 2015. In addition to instructing, both will be giving talks on modern fire attack during the 3 days event. Registration for the HEAT is free and open to all firefighters attending FDIC.

FDIC International takes place April 18-23, 2016 at the Indiana Convention Center and Lucas Oil Stadium. Other partners include LION, Rosenbauer, TFT, and Scott Safety.

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