HAAGEN to build World Class Fire Training complex for Shanghai Fire Brigade

The Shanghai Fire Brigade together with HAAGEN are currently building the most advanced firefighter training centre in Asia. The new training centre features residential, industrial and transport fire zones with over 53 live-fire scenarios. This new world-class training complex will enable Shanghai Fire Brigade to train its members to respond and protect one of the world’s largest cities.

HAAGEN has worked hand-in-hand with the leadership of the Shanghai Fire Brigade to develop the training complex and is currently designing, manufacturing and installing a range of high-tech fire training units for the training zone at the site.

Realistic and meaningful training

The new complex will offer the Shanghai firefighters a wide range of realistic and meaningful training opportunities.

These include fire props for interior attack training that simulate both residential and commercial fire scenarios. Examples include kitchen fire, wardrobe fire, bed fire, computer fire, sofa fire, shelf fire, washing machine fire, chemical storage cabinet fire (laboratory) and electrical transformer fire simulators that can grow slowly and then spread if left unchecked and expand into an intense flashover situation. For added realism, HAAGEN props are also augmented with additional emergency simulation features such as smoke and sound effects which also further challenge trainees to size-up the environment and make the right strategic and tactical decisions.

Exterior equipment

Apart from the array of interior fire training props, HAAGEN is also supplying a number of exterior fire equipment, including an airplane, ship, subway and an elaborate petrochemical fire training complex. Here industrial fire props such as a burning split flange and leaking storage tank challenge fire fighters to practice highly specialized fire attack strategies needed to effectively combat petrochemical hazards.

Training zone fire risks

The Shanghai training zone will contain the following:

  • A Res A Residential Zone with a three-floor house and a sixteen story tower block, containing in total 26 fire scenarios.
  • An Industrial Zone with lock-ups, a petro-chemical plant, full size Sphere tank with top and bottom fire, full scale storage tank with rim seal and tank top fire and a chemical hub with a spill fire and 6 other fires.
  • A Transport Zone with a tunnel car fire, subway, skytrain, ship, train and airplane, containing in total 16 fire scenarios.

HAAGEN smoke generators will be used in the Deep Search area. The Deep Search is an underground maze located 10 meters below ground level. The entire area is connected to a building with collapsed floors and structural damage.

Shanghai is the largest city by population in the People’s Republic of China. It is also the largest city proper (an urban locality without its suburbs) and the seventh largest urban agglomeration in the world. The Shanghai Fire Brigade is the largest Fire Brigade in Asian and employs over 7,000 people. They service a population of more than 23,019 million people.