HAAGEN supports large-scale wildfire exercise in the Netherlands

The military training grounds of Stroese Zand, Garderenseveld and AOCS Nieuw Milligen were the scene of a large-scale wildfire exercise in which the Department of Defence and firemen from fire stations across the Netherlands, supported each other.

In addition to the wildfire exercise, the people who attended were also trained intensely in extinguishing car fires and aircraft fires. With over 200 people participating and the set-up of an additional indoor training centre, this truly was a large-scale training in fire and safety training.

Safely simulating a wildfire

Simulating a wildfire is not easy. To create this training scenario safely,  extensive smoke was used to ensure trainees were able to train realistically, but safely without using actual open fire.
The cause of the wildfire in this scenario was a simulated crash of an F16 fighter jet that had to drop its fuel tanks.

HAAGEN training materials used in training scenarios

For this exercise, HAAGEN employees worked with  a wide range of training materials to build different training locations and scenarios: From creating large amounts of smoke, to training on indoor fire hazards and extinguishing burning vehicles.

HAAGEN is proud to have been part of all this and is impressed by the great cooperation and highly structured approach all teams showed during the exercises.


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