HAAGEN launches new smoke generator for emergency response team and fire brigade: cordless and portable

HAAGEN has expanded its line of smoke generators with the new VICO smoke generator. This new smoke generator is compact, portable and cordless and is powered by a rechargeable battery. These features mean the VICO offers an even greater range of training options for emergency response teams and fire brigades.

Safely and easily simulate seats of fire at virtually any location

For ERT and firefighter training the number of possible training scenarios is virtually unlimited. Nevertheless, it is not easy to create a realistic fire safety training situation outdoors, in vehicles or in locations where smoke may only be used to a limited extent.
It is precisely in these situations that VICO provides a solution. Because the user controls the amount and density of the produced smoke, the VICO can be used anywhere. With its compact size, light weight, and battery operation, the smoke generator makes it possible to simulate ‘hidden’ seats of fire or create smoke (or extra smoke) in small spaces.

New smoke generator: applications and benefits

The VICO’s versatility makes this new smoke generator suitable for use in many training scenarios. The main advantages of the VICO:
• Perfect for creating training scenarios in small spaces, areas without power and outdoors.
• No heat-up time, making it ready for immediate use, with no wasted time.
• High quality, dense smoke, without residue.
• Cordless, portable and lightweight. Easy to use with one hand, and fitted with a powerful battery that can produce 25 minutes of continuous smoke.
• Affordable and versatile. The VICO is affordable, and its flexibility means that training scenarios are now only limited by your imagination. From simulating a fire in the cargo space of a lorry to a fire in a school toilet. From training cabin personnel to vehicle fires and locating small seats of fire.

Acquaint yourself with the possibilities of the VICO

Contact our sales department to learn all about the brand new VICO, and visit the special web page where you will find more information about the wide range of applications, key benefits, technical information and video presentations on the VICO.

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