HAAGEN launches new BullsEye™

HAAGEN is proud to introduce its latest innovation, the new BullsEye™ Digital Training System.

The new BullsEye system represents the latest advancement in fire training technology. BullsEye utilises digital flames to simulate class A, B and E fires and senses where the user aims and sweeps the laser training extinguisher, which automatically varies the LED-driven digital flames in response. The new BullsEye system responds to the trainees’ actions, putting the fire out only when the right type of extinguisher is used to extinguish the A, B or E class fire. Also when a trainee is not respecting the correct distance between themselves and the fire, the panel will not respond.

The new integrated sound effects make the whole training exercise more realistic. Through WiFi the BullsEye works in conjunction with a HAAGEN smoke generator. The smoke generator produces smoke to add even more realism to the training.

Instructors can control the new BullsEye by either an infrared wireless remote or tablet (optional) and training records can be collected and exported to show/analyse the performance evolution of the trainee.

New features:
• Integrated sound effects
• Integrated smoke generation
• WiFi
• Wireless remote control
• Extinguisher type recognition
• Extinguisher distance sensing
• Training record collection
• Glowing LED grommet

Because only laser light is emitted from the training extinguisher, extinguisher training can be conducted in any environment or setting. Life-saving fire extinguisher training can be provided to hundreds of participants in a single day. Trainees learn how to effectively use a fire extinguisher without the cost and clean-up associated with using dry-chemical or CO2 extinguishers.