HAAGEN launches Attack Digital Training System

HAAGEN is proud to introduce its latest innovation, the Attack Digital Fire Training System.

HAAGEN is the first to offer digital fire training technology that interacts with a hose line. The Attack Digital Fire Training System was developed in partnership with instructors around the world who needed to simulate more realistic fire conditions where live fire is not possible.

Instructors were looking to increase realism and urgency during training by having a portable, simulated seat of fire, realistic smoke conditions and fire sound effects. The Attack System responds directly to hose lines and extinguishers, creates heavy smoke conditions, and simulates steam conversion in nearly any training environment. Instructors can now teach basic skills, conduct training, and better prepare firefighters for both live-burn training and real fire situations.

The Attack comes complete with everything needed for firefighter training. The waterproof panel uses five infrared sensors along with dynamic digital flames, available smoke generation and sound effects to provide an interactive training experience. The panel can be hit with any hose line in your training arsenal as well as with a digital hose line. An infinite number of panels can be wirelessly linked together to allow the fire to grow and spread.

The Attack System includes a portable stand to allow instructors to conduct training at any location. It can also be mounted to a wall, if desired. The digital hose line training system is ideal for fire services that want to create a realistic fire training scenario without the safety and environmental concerns of traditional live burns. The digital panel is also a great way to diversify training by allowing instructors to conduct training in different areas of a burn tower or room, as well as in buildings where burning is not possible or permitted.

The system by no means replaces live fire. Attack makes it possible for instructors to transform how they conduct their training to create a more effective and realistic learning environment for their trainees. When faced with today’s environmental regulations and budget constraints, digital fire is the solution to many organisations’ training constraints.