HAAGEN introduces the world’s first Thermal Imaging Training Manikin

Thermal imaging cameras are rapidly becoming standard tools within the fire service and law enforcement arsenal. However, proper training on how to use a thermal camera is essential if this equipment is to be effective in locating victims in the field. The Thermal Manikin allows trainers to demonstrate the fundamentals of how thermal imagining cameras work, and also to teach advanced techniques for locating victims in restricted visibility conditions. The Thermal Manikin uses imbedded heat emitters combined with innovative heat diffusion technology that accurately simulates a person’s thermal signature. Onboard rechargeable batteries and strong, abrasion resistant body construction allows the Thermal Manikin to be used virtually anywhere thermal imagining training requires.

“Search and Rescue, Initial Fire Attack and RIT drills are only a few of the training exercises conducted in low visibility with the use of a Thermal Imagining Camera. However, detecting a standard rescue manikin is nearly impossible with a Thermal Imaging Camera.” said Jac Haagen, Managing Director of HAAGEN Fire Training Products. “Our R&D Department has focused on designing and developing a training manikin with the heat signature of a human for better Thermal Imaging Training. We’re proud to announce the launch of this new, innovative training tool.”

The Thermal Manikin can be fitted with the ACV (Adjustable Call Voice) Box to provide additional realism and challenges in training exercises. The ACV Box allows the trainer to bring the manikin to life by recording speech and sound effects. The instructor can record any sound, set the volume and level of sensitivity, and determine whether sounds are played once or continuously. Sound effects can be voice activated, allowing the Thermal Manikin to actually “respond” to the search and rescue team. On-board rechargeable batteries and a compact design enable the ACV Box to be used in virtually any training situation.