HAAGEN Delivers Damage Control Simulator to Fire Department of New York

The Fire Department of New York’s Marine Operations has added a HAAGEN Damage Control Simulator to their training arsenal. The Fire Department of New York partnered with HAAGEN to design and build this mobile maritime training simulator.

The training environment is ideal for the marine operations team to train on repairing damage to the ship in an emergency situation. The damage control simulator recreates a variety of shipboard emergency scenarios, including leaking valves, seams, top and side hatch, as well as cracks and holes in the walls and doors. The simulator can hold up to 9.000 litres of water, challenging trainees to successfully repair the damage before the simulator fills with water. Sound effects add to the realism and stress of the scenario. Safety systems immediately drain the water from the simulator so that trainees can evacuate in 30 seconds or less.

“The Marine Operations team approached us with a unique challenge of simulating an on-board emergency, and we were proud to design and build this custom training environment to meet their needs. Their commitment to getting their crew home safely drives us to create realistic and effective training tools to help them hone their skills,” commented Lion Training Resources Group President Leon Timmermans.

The simulator’s mobility means that it will be a regional training staple for the Fire Department of New York’s Marine Operations. In addition to the damage control simulator, HAAGEN provided training props for the four-story, 132 foot-long ship simulator built for the Fire Department of New York in 2014.