HAAGEN Has Delivered Training Container Structures to New Caledonia.

New Caledonia, 5/30/17 – HAAGEN is proud to announce the successful delivery of a modular marine fire training unit to New Caledonia, consisting of two 40’ containers and one 20’ container.  Container structures are versatile training systems that can be designed to reflect a wide variety of environments and industries.

The New Caledonia modular marine fire training unit features five LPG fueled fire points – engine fire, electrical generator fire, floor penetration fire, storage cabinet fire and galley fire. The design includes several digital fire connection points, movable walls and a synthetic smoke system. These design features have been used to increase the realism of the training scenarios and to expose trainees to the most common challenges of attacking fire on a vessel.

“We are so excited to deliver this successful project to a satisfied customer,” remarked President Leon Timmermans.