A world-leading Fire and Rescue training facility has been completed in Strathclyde

The most advanced fire training facility in the United Kingdom has officially been opened: Uaill New Training Facility at Clydesmill Industrial Estate in Cambuslang. The state-of-the-art £22m facility, which will develop the region’s firefighters of tomorrow, will provide the administration and the technical training for Fire & Rescue personnel.

Since September 2010 HAAGEN has been actively involved with the Design Team in the production, delivery and installation of all fire training equipment for the training zone. A range of high-tech fire training units were designed, manufactured and installed by HAAGEN at the site. These include fire props for interior attack training that simulate both residential and commercial fire scenarios. Examples include bed fire simulators that can grow slowly and then spread if left unchecked and expand into an intense flashover situation, it features a virtual apartment building and simulated chemical leak hazards within a mock laboratory. For added realism, HAAGEN props are also augmented with additional emergency simulation features such as smoke and sound effects which also further challenge trainees to size-up the environment and make the right strategic and tactical decisions.

Exterior equipment

Apart from the array of interior fire training props, HAAGEN is also supplying a number of exterior fire equipment, including an elaborate petrochemical fire training complex. Here industrial fire props such as a burning split flange and leaking storage tank challenge fire fighters to practice highly specialised fire attack strategies needed to effectively combat petrochemical hazards.

The site covers 30 acres and includes a 5000 square metre academic zone, a practical facilities building incorporating a four-bay fire appliance garage and a practical training zone complete with hard and soft landscaping.

The training zone to the east of the site contains the following:

  • A Residential Zone with a four-floor tenement building, detached and semi-detached houses and an eight story tower block, containing in total 23 fire scenarios.
  • An Industrial Zone with lock-ups, a petro-chemical plant, and a fire behavior unit where firefighters will be trained to deal with flash-overs and other fire scenarios.
  • A Transport Zone with a road network, 80-metre stretch of motorway and railway track, tunnel, level crossing and platform.

Frank Jansen, Director of Custom Build Relations at HAAGEN Fire Training Products, said, “As a world market leader in custom build fire training projects, HAAGEN understood how important this training facility is for Scottish Fire & Rescue Service and all other fire brigades in the region. This training centre contains the latest HAAGEN technology for practical teaching within the fire service: from house fires to rail disasters. It is a fantastic addition to Scottish Fire & Rescue Services existing offering and will stand out in Scotland and the United Kingdom as a training facility of excellence ensuring firefighters receive the best possible training.”