Grand opening Hong Kong Fire Training Unit

Last week, the Fire Services Department of Hong Kong presented their new firefighter training unit to the city of Hong Kong. This training unit is a mobile Class A Fire Training Unit based on two modified sea containers mounted on a 40-foot trailer.

Realistic training for Fire Services Department Hong Kong

The firefighters are confronted with real flames, extreme heat, high humidity, severely restricted visibility and thick smoke during their training. This allows them to train for an emergency as realistically as possible.

The wood-fuelled fire inside the training unit makes use of the HAAGEN PHASE® 2 Class A Fire Technology: allowing firefighters to utilise real burning wood in their training scenarios without worrying about the environmental effects.

Mobile fire training

The fire training trailer can always be where it is needed and will be stationed at about 10 different locations throughout Hong Kong.
It is equipped with an on-board power generator and a supply of gas cylinders. It can therefore be operated completely without external supplies.

More information on Firefighter training units

For more information and footage on HAAGEN Firefighter training units, take a look at our page on Container/Roll-Off training units.

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