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HAAGEN is the world leader in designing, engineering and building large scale multi-disciplinary training complexes. We are proud to have built several of the largest training facilities in the world which feature multiple zones which can interact to create highly realistic emergency scenarios.

Based on the training objectives of the department we have built centers featuring any combination of residential, industrial, petrochemical, transportation, and USAR training zones with multiple fires and interactive elements in each zone.

HAAGEN Training Complexes are built to meet the specific training objectives of the organization. Work with our team to identify your objectives, and we’ll make them a reality.

HAAGEN Training Complexes often combine a range of fire technologies that apply to the full range of training disciplines. Complexes can be designed to simulate neighborhoods, communities, cities, airports, industrial complexes or any other multi-building center.

Challenge your trainees to combat gas-fuelled, digital, or our patented PHASE® 2 Class A fires. Educate trainees in various firefighting disciplines, from structural and exterior to more specialized categories like mining, SCBA, aviation and more. Because our Complexes offer a multitude of training opportunities, they are ideal for any type of first responder. Scenarios can also connect and interact. For example, a simulated cloud of poisonous gas may be emitted by the chemical plant and encroach on a residential district.


HAAGEN is capable of offering a full range of support when it comes to your Training Complex, from the initial concept to construction, implementation of fire technology and delivery. We can present you with a turn-key solution or work in a particular area along with your team of partners and contractors.

HAAGEN fire technology can be applied in various manners to meet your unique training needs. Throughout every step of the process, HAAGEN focuses on the end-user’s training objective and customizes every aspect to meet that need.

Our vast experience in all aspects of building Training Complexes allows us to carry out every step of the process, including designing, manufacturing, installing fire systems, outfitting the infrastructure with heat shielding, ventilation, safety systems, gas and heat monitoring, and control systems which can include a central control panel as well as a handheld remote.


  • China: Shanghai Fire Brigade
  • United Kingdom: Strathclyde Fire & Rescue Service
  • The Netherlands: Falck Risc Training Center Dordrech

Shanghai Training Centre, China:
HAAGEN did build the most advanced firefighter training centre in Asia for the Shanghai Fire Brigade. This training centre features residential, industrial and transport fire zones with over 53 live-fire scenarios. The world-class training complex will enable Shanghai Fire Brigade to train its members to respond and protect one of the world’s largest cities.

The new complex will offer the Shanghai firefighters a wide range of realistic and meaningful training opportunities. These include fire props for interior attack training that simulate both residential and commercial fire scenarios. Examples include kitchen fire, wardrobe fire, bed fire, computer fire, sofa fire, shelf fire, washing machine fire, chemical storage cabinet fire (laboratory) and electrical transformer fire simulators that can grow slowly and then spread if left unchecked and expand into an intense flashover situation.

For added realism, HAAGEN props are also augmented with additional emergency simulation features such as smoke and sound effects which also further challenge trainees to size-up the environment and make the right strategic and tactical decisions.

Apart from the array of interior fire training props, HAAGEN is also supplying a number of exterior fire equipment, including an airplane, ship, subway and an elaborate petrochemical fire training complex. Here industrial fire props such as a burning split flange and leaking storage tank challenge fire fighters to practice highly specialized fire attack strategies needed to effectively combat petrochemical hazards.”

The Shanghai fire training zone contains the following fire risks:

  • A Res A Residential Zone with a three-floor house and a sixteen story tower block, containing in total 26 fire scenarios.
  • An Industrial Zone with lock-ups, a petro-chemical plant, full size Sphere tank with top and bottom fire, full scale storage tank with rim seal and tank top fire and a chemical hub with a spill fire and 6 other fires.
  • A Transport Zone with a tunnel car fire, subway, skytrain, ship, train and airplane, containing in total 16 fire scenarios.
  • HAAGEN smoke generators will be used in the Deep Search area. The Deep Search is an underground maze located 10 meters below ground level. The entire area is connected to a building with collapsed floors and structural damage.

Shanghai is the largest city by population in the People’s Republic of China. It is also the largest city proper (an urban locality without its suburbs) and the seventh largest urban agglomeration in the world. The Shanghai Fire Brigade is the largest Fire Brigade in Asian and employs over 7,000 people. They service a population of more than 23,019 million people.

Strathclyde Training Centre, Scotland:
In 2012 the building of the training centre for the Strathclyde Fire & Rescue Service was finished. This is one of the largest fire training centre of its kind in Europe. Fire fighters from throughout Great Britain and across the world can faced truly intense, complex, and realistic emergency situations on the grounds of the training centre. The centre provides almost unlimited opportunities for training exercises. One scenario can impact upon or kick off another scenario. For example, a simulated cloud of poisonous gas may be emitted by the chemical plant and head towards a residential district. The multitude of training opportunities makes this centre not only suitable for fire-fighting exercises but also for training police, paramedics, and other first responders.

The interactions between the various systems and units make this training centre unique. Instruction can be provided for individual trainees as well as for training commanding officers, other officers and emergency action teams.  Training exercises include those for police and emergency response commanders, such as evacuating large numbers of people, and dealing with mass casualty situations. The training centre can be controlled from a central control room, where various scenarios can be implemented, or via the wireless remote-control units.”

The training centre is equipped with:

    • A detached house equipped with a Sofa Fire, a Sofa Roll Over Fire, a Cooker Fire, a double Bed Fire, a Window Fire and a Roof Light Fire;
    • A semi-detached house equipped with a Microwave Fire, a Television Fire, a Window Fire, a Double Bed Fire, a Bed Roll Over Fire and a Roof Light Fire;
    • A Lock-up equipped with Interchangeable Fire Props and a Shelves Fire;
    • A Tenement equipped with 3 x Interchangeable Fire Props, a Cooker Fire, a Cupboard Fire, a Sofa Fire, a Sofa Roll Over Fire, 2 x Double Bed Fire, a Bed Roll Over Fire and a Roof Light Fire;
    • A High Rise equipped with Synthetic Smoke;
    • A Multipurpose Building equipped with a Shelves Fire, a Car Fire, a Double Bed Fire, a Sofa Fire, a Sofa Roll Over Fire, a Cooker Fire, a Interchangeable Fire Props and a Monitor Fire;
    • A Petrochemical Structure equipped with a Split Flange Fire, a Overhead Pipe Fire, a Horizontal Vessel Fire and a Fuel Split Fire(6x2m);
    • A Laboratory equipped with 3 Leaking Hazards Simulation, a Explo Trainer, a Hazard Tank and Leaking Propane Tank Props and Hazard Placards.

Falck Risc Training Centre Dordrecht, the Netherlands:
Within the 6.5-acre lot a complete village has been created in which it is possible to simulate almost any imaginable catastrophe, accident or emergency.  The training village includes: several houses, streets, a church, a car park, a collapsed house, sewer pipes, a chemical plant, a harbor with a ship, a motorway, a railway line with several trains, and a multifunctional exercise building. A wide range of fire props have been installed throughout the village. Also included is an administrative office building that provides space for classroom instruction. The building conference rooms, showers, changing rooms and a restaurant for trainees, instructors, and visitors. The multitude of training opportunities makes this center not only suitable for fire-fighting exercises but also for training police, paramedics, and other first responders.

104x104-gas-based-1Gas Based Fire Technology

Gas-based fire technology is an integral element in HAAGEN training systems and centers. Propane and natural gas fires allow us to use real heat and smoke to accurately simulate nearly any fire behavior. Training evolutions can easily be repeated to allow all trainees to get hands-on firefighting experience.


104x104-smart-class-a-1PHASE® 2 Class A Fire Technology

HAAGEN PHASE® 2 Fire Technology features dual combustion technology with the fire created by both gas and wood. PHASE® 2 technology was developed to allow firefighters to utilize real burning wood in their training scenarios without worrying about the environmental effects.


104x104-digital-1Digital Fire Technology

HAAGEN Digital fire technology provides comprehensive hands-on training using realistic, self-generating digital flames that respond directly to the trainees actions. Digital fire technology is tough enough to be used with anything in your firefighting arsenal, including a hose line. Challenge your trainees to fight digital flames for realistic, intense hands-on training.complex over time.

104x104-aviation-1Aviation Fire Training

Aircraft fires represent a special challenge in firefighting due to the extreme nature of the potential hazard and the immediate impact on both the passengers and aircrew. HAAGEN offers a number of fire training simulators to create a series of different emergency scenarios designed to meet aviation fire training objectives.


104x104-fire-behavior-1Fire Behaviour Training Systems

While many firefighters glean the majority of their fire behavior knowledge from classroom instruction, hands-on training is the most effective method of learning when it comes to confronting dangerous fire emergencies face to face. To add a hands-on element to your training, HAAGEN creates training systems and centers to provide realistic training in a safe environment.


104x104-tank-spill-fire-simulator-1HazMat Training Systems

HAAGEN HazMat training tools can either be stand-alone units such as training tankers, or installations that are built into a fixed structure. HazMat training systems can simulate hazardous leaks with water and vapor that may spread to a full scale fire if not contained properly. Trainees get hands-on experience locating the source of the leak and turning off the valve, or plugging the hole with stoppers or bands.


104x104-marine-firefighter-training-1Marine Fire Training

Marine fires are extremely difficult to handle because of the complexity of a ship’s layout, making it difficult to safely access the seat of the fire. HAAGEN has experience designing and developing diverse marine fire training systems. HAAGEN can produce simulated marine environments within a training structure, or produce actual marine vessels modified for fire training scenarios.



Firefighters and first responders in the mining industry face unique changing when preparing to face fire risks. To make training as realistic as possible, HAAGEN is capable of incorporating our fire training props into modified mining shafts or modify props to fit your mine’s specific objectives.



The isolated nature of working on-board an offshore platform brings a multitude of challenges, as well as a number of potential risks. HAAGEN has developed advanced training systems especially for offshore emergency response teams to gain true-to-life experience and competence in fire fighting, in a controlled environment.


104x104-oil-gas-chemical-plant-1Oil and Gas

HAAGEN has the experience necessary to provide training structures designed especially for the petrochemical industry. Our systems are designed to create realistic training challenges for emergency responders to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to safely and effectively manage these hazardous fires.



Hands-on search and rescue training is extremely important for fire-fighters. Help your trainees learn to save people trapped in fires and other dangerous situations without experiencing undue stress or breathing difficulties during a real-life emergency. HAAGEN can provide your trainees with a challenging yet safe and controlled environment for gaining mask confidence and confined space operations skills.



HAAGEN is capable of supplying all the necessary training tools and structures for your structural fire departments. HAAGEN provides the tools necessary to train both new and advanced firefighters on sizing up structures, initial fire attack, fire behavior, ventilation, water supply, hose stream application, search and rescue, firefighter survival, and FAST.



Expose your firefighters to the unique challenges of fighting fires in a public transportation setting, or in vehicles themselves. Choose from our past portfolio of transportation training tools, or work with HAAGEN to create a training tool to fit your specific objective.



HAAGEN Urban Search and Rescue training structures and centers provide challenging team training exercises for firefighters of all skill levels. While Urban Search and Rescue training is increasingly vital, it is extremely difficult to realistically simulate. HAAGEN provides the hands-on training your firefighters need.